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And now for something completely different

Warm-up: 2 lengths bear crawl, 2 lengths Samson stretch, 2 lengths backwards lunges Technique: Overhead squats, warm-up and then perform 3 working sets of 5 repetitions (5,5,5) Workout: 21, 15, 9 couplet of burpee boxjumps and v-ups So, you are going to do a burpee but just when you are prepared to jump you will do a box jump. If this is not making sense to you check out the video below. Too bad we don't have more tires otherwise we could do the couplet shown in the video. But the v-ups will create a powerful punch. V-up, hang from the bar and attempt to touch your toes to the bar. Try to keep your legs straight while performing this movement, emphasis being placed with the hip movement. And I have to give credit where credit is due. Pete K came up with this doozie and deserves all the kudos. Should be a good one!