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And the 2017 DUDE AWARD finalists are...

The moment you have all been waiting for...

The votes have been tallied and this year's Dude Award finalist are...

1. For the fourth time, always the bridesmaid, THE CHESTAVEZ!

"I don't even want to win. I just like being nominated," Chesty admitted.

Could this be his year? His new mobility class on Saturday mornings has been a big hit, as have his weekly mad mob videos and posts. Meticulous, yet passionate, insightful, yet fun-loving, nobody juices this community like the Chest.

Potential Shortcoming: We might have to sit through an Oscar-length acceptance speech.


2. Wendy aka Clyde

Clyde has been a staple in our community for years, always willing to lend a hand. Intelligent and opinionated, Wendy isn't afraid to stand for something in this world (and online). She dominates most online debates, but does so in a genuine, empathetic, and most importantly, open-minded way. 

"Wendy's the most open-minded person I know." - Tom

Potential Shortcoming: Too much trash talk.

3. Young Money

Young's one of the most generous people around, who always brings the best energy to any room. Young's biggest concern is that everyone around him is having a good time. 

"He's the most genuine Internet troll around." - Chesty

Potential Shortcoming: Might be too hammered to accept the award (a la Beach Day Spike Ball tournament).

Vote on your DUDE selection HERE, or tomorrow at Nutts Cup!

Also, for those who have been asking, here's a schedule of tomorrow's events:

Athletes Arrive by 9:30 am
Workout Briefing: 10:00 am
Workout 1: 10:30 am
Workout 2: 12:30 pm
Workout 3: 1:25 pm
Bar and BBQ opens at around 11: 30 am 

See you all tomorrow!