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And the MadLab 9.0 Champions are...

In what can only be considered the greatest comeback in MadLab history, Team Afghan came from behind to win the 9.0 MadLab banner—his second banner, and the first banner for Mark, Marco and Kim—the first truly morning athlete on the MadLab Wall!


Italian Mark, More Italian Marco, Dan, Kim!

It was a thoroughly entertaining final.

A few notables from last night:

Captain of the year Award:

Dan 'Afghan.'  Dan has always been poised and smart, and it was truly his intelligent line-up choices that helped his team do the unthinkable—they went into the night in 4th place out of the 4 top teams vying for the banner. The semi-final workout involved each athlete doing a different workout, with 4 data points on the line. While talent was a factor, putting together the right line up for the right match-ups was even more important. "I told them if we could win 3 of these 4 workouts, we'd have a chance to make the final," Dan told his team. They did just that!

Staying Calm in the Fire Award: 

Anyone who saw Morenda's effort in the final event was undoubtedly impressed by how she handled herself. When things aren't going your way, it's easy to panic. To burst into tears. To utterly lose your mind. And in that moment, it's so easy to make rushed decisions (i.e. trying to pick up the bar before your'e ready). But the youngest competitor in the competition (a graduate of our Youth Warriors program) didn't have a meltdown. Everyone's hearts went out to her as she put her heart and soul into those heavy lunges and shoulder to overhead. She showed poise beyond her years, as she remained patient with herself, eventually getting through her portion of the workout. Truly impressed by this woman!

MadLab 9.0 MVP:

Italian Marco! His task was 15-12-9 thrusters and pull-ups. Going head-to-head against Baby Nat (who was also using men's weight), he trailed her for the first 2 minutes and 10 seconds of the workout. Facing her back, I watched him as she dropped the bar for the first time on the 9 thrusters. Knowing he needed to win for his team to advance, his eyes lit up at the opportunity that just presented itself. And then he attacked, catching up to Nat and eventually passing her on the final 9 pull-ups and then sprinted to the finish line—doing just enough to get his team to the final. Watching people workout can get boring, but watching someone rise to the occasion like that and compete with such intensity is as exciting as any sport gets. 

Training for MadLab 10.0 starts now!