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Andy Nutts Day Agenda

ANDY NUTTS SAYS: HAVE FUN!!! Here is how the day will unfold: 8am: Judges and Volunteers arrive for team meeting 8:30: Athlete registration and WOD #1 auction commence 9am: Patty kicks off the day with a grand speech :) 9:15: Lt. Col. William Fletcher, Commanding Officer, !st Battalion, PPCLI. speaks on the behalf of the Canadian military 9:30 O Canada 9:40 Patty discusses WOD's and explains Calcutta 9:50 Sheppy discusses judging standards 10am Auction for wod #1 enters final stage athlete warm up begins 10:15 Auction closes and verbal auction executed if necessary 10:30 heat #1 of Wod #1 begins 12:10 Break 1pm Wod #2 begins 1:50 break 2:30WOD #3 begins 4pm Poem, Prayer, Last post, Moment of silence, Reveille, 1,2,3 go Final Heat begins to decide Nutts Cup 5pm Awards Break 9:30pm Nutts "Celebration of Life" party begins Here is a rather long BK production of our MADLAB in the fall of 09. This was Andy's last day at Crossfit Vancouver. He left for AF the next week and was killed within a few short months. He was a DUDE of the highest caliber. I would ramble on about his life and his character, but I feel that Emily has already captured it better than I ever could in the Journal article this week. if you have not read it. You should do so before coming on saturday. There will be a test at the party Saturday night. :) Friday Lesson Plan NUTTS Hero WOD