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Andy Nutts Day - June 26th Update

Plans for Andy Nutts Day are progressing nicely. I know many of you never met Andy. You would have loved him. Our celebration of his life falls on his birthday, June 26th. It is going to be a hell of a day. Andy worked tirelessly to promote Crossfit where ever he went, his contribution to the fitness of the Canadian military was especially noble. So to honor his commitment I am asking each of you to grab someone who could benefit from fitness and our community and bring them to our workout for newbies on the 26th. Make a difference! We will be starting at 11am. The newbie you bring out will be coached on the movements, warmed up then given a number picked out of a hat. They will then have to choose their partner (can't dance with the person who brought ya). #1 chooses first among all the veterans lined up in front of them, then #2 and so on. It will be interesting to see if new people can spot the fittest and make the right choice. The workout will be something with simple movements and no so long or intense but will probably give your friend a good dose of the medicine. smile Winning team gets their names on the "Nutts cup". Then we will have the individual competition open to any member of CF Vancouver. We will do the NUTTS hero workout. 1st place for both Men and Women get their names engraved on the cup. Second place gets a commemorative medal. Then The real fun begins.........LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! BBQ and after party. To attend the party (best local DJ's spinning grooves) you must bring a single person. Free drink if you bring a female. smile Andy would have loved that!!! Get on it now!!! See you all on Saturday the 26th. Monday's Lesson Plan: Warm up: Over head squat, snatch balance, snatch with dowels Tech: snatch. Get up to wod weight. Try a max if you are feeling it. work away at 80% to develop skills WOD: 400m run 21 snatches (115lbs/65...85 for eunice) 21 ring dips 15 snatches 15 ring dips 9 Snatches 9 ring dips 400m run