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Andy Nutts Hero Day Update - June 26th

1) The format for the 2 man/woman event on the 26th of June has changed (Thank Tank, his big blue heart couldn't stand watching someone get picked last).........We are going to spin the bottle and let Nutts decide who the teams are. smile 2) Andy's parents will be there to hand out the Nutts CUP. They are really great people, really fun and dynamic. Come out to support them in the celebration of their son's life. 3) There is a sign up sheet in the gym: This guy died for our country, the least we can do is show respect for his life. If 7 people show up it will be a fucking travesty of all things good. 4) Intoduction to Crossfit for the newbies starts at 11am. Individual competition is at 1pm 5) BBQ kicks off at 2:30pm 6) Party is at 9pm. Bring a single friend. Free drink for both of you if it is a female. smile Andy would have loved that feature. smile It is going to be a real fun upbeat day. GIDDYUP....see you all on the 26th Patty