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Annika Buckle - Empowering people to own their Health

Annika Buckle was one of our Nutts Cup Sponsors.
Winners receiving Essential Oils that are great for Fitness & Health!
Here is a little more information on what Annika does and how you can reach her!
Thank You Annika for your continued support at MadLab
Oh hi there! My name is Annika Buckle, and I'm a dōTERRA wellness advocate.
What the heck even is that? It means I have a business selling Therapeutic Grade essential oils and natural health and wellness products. I love it because my passion is empowering people to own their health, and watching people step into vitality when they discover that they are the gatekeepers and experts in their bodies, lights me up! 
I feel especially lucky to support people at MadLab because proper recovery, rest, immune support, and pain management are essential to successful athletes (armchair or otherwise!) 
I also love it because it's simply another another piece of the whole body wellness approach - not just the physical body, which is incredibly important, but everything; all of our health exists in body, mind, and spirit.
Find me on Facebook or Instagram and shoot me a note - let's chat about your health goals and how we can work together to support them!

Annika Buckle

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate

cell: 778.895.8329