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MadLab School of Fitness Annual Town Hall Meeting

Next Friday, February 3rd, we will be hosting our annual Town Hall meeting. 

We host a Town Hall meeting every year for various reasons.

We want to provide a clear blueprint as to what our business and a coaching staff's goals are. We also want to inform the community of our important annual community events, such as beach day, Nutts Cup and the MadLab Tournament. 

(We also have other events this year, such as our curling event on Saturday, February 4th at Hillcrest (4575 Clancy Loranger Way, Vancouver) from 2:15pm-4:15pm.)

Also, like any open floor meeting, we will leave time for people to ask questions. If you feel we could be better or improve in any given area, we are always open to feedback.

On the flip side, we also love to hear about what you guys love. So, if there's anything that we're doing that you're super excited about or thankful for, we would love to hear that too! 

There will be some drinks and snacks to treat yourself to as the meeting goes on. 

We will start at approximately 7:15 p.m. after the 6 p.m. class has finished and cooled down. 

On behalf of the entire staff, I hope to see you there. 

Coach Tom