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Another Team Workout

For a little Tuesday Love, let's Team up into groups of three for some tagging action. We will focus on more of a play day today however there will be some rules involved! Warm up: Coaches Choice. Tag (with a twist) is a suggestion if there are enough people...first person tagged does burpees equal to number of people left in the game. Example: 10 players, first person tagged does 9 burpees. Second player tagged does 8 burpees, etc. Last person left in game does zero burpees! Tech: Hang Squat Clean Work Out: Clock will run for 30 minutes. Score is total max reps of hang squat cleans (135/ 85 lbs) and pull-ups combined. Scale if needed. Groups of 3. (if a group of 2 is necessary, use 20 minute clock) Rule #1 Only one person works at a time Rule #2 Every time you let go of the barbel or pull up bar you do 10 abmat sit ups.(Group members can't work during sit-ups) Rule #3 You must tag the next group member before they can begin working. Must be standing up on two feet to tag Rule #4 Team members must alternate back and forth between squat cleans and pull ups. In other words, a team cannot do just pull ups and ab mat sit-ups for the entire 30 minutes. image