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Apprentice Testomonial: Christa ‘Maryland’ Giordano

Christa Giordano completed the in-house apprentice diploma program at the School of Fitness in 2009-2010. Now, she lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, where she has continued to CrossFit, both as an athlete and a coach. Although she’s happily married, what she learned at CrossFit Vancouver has remained close to her heart. “I stalk you on the website and see what great things are going on for you in Vancouver a few times a week. Even sometimes more, especially when I’m homesick. I miss CrossFit Vancouver so much,” she said, now a year after she moved away from B.C. Giordano loves her CrossFit affiliate in Maryland, but says there’s something about CrossFit Vancouver that has stuck with her. “You have established something really special - the commumity, the members. It’s my goal to have such a big client group, and to grow something similar,” said Giordano, who is constantly using the skills she learned in Vancouver with her clients in Maryland. “I find myself repeating things Patty, Andy and T-Bear would say, repeating their tips or tricks for performing specific lifts,” she said. No doubt, CrossFit Vancouver taught Giordano how to be a better coach, but where she really grew was as a person. “I am forever thankful for all your support when I needed it most. Without CrossFit Van, I have no idea where I would be today, or if I would have mentally survived everything I had to go through during those 10 months back in Canada,” she said.