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Are you Phubber?

Are you a Phubber?

What is a Phubber you ask?

Technopedia defines it as "a term created by the combination of the words phone and snubbing. It refers to a person interacting with their phone (or other device) rather than interacting with a human being. The use of this, and other terms around mobile device use, showcases a growing issue with different kinds of technology, including the delicate balance of sharing time and attention when facing two very different interactions at the same time".

We've all been there... Hanging with that friend for dinner and they won't get off their phone.  They are constantly distracted by it.  Never present.  You can't connect. In the end you walk away possibly not wanting to be around that person.  

I'm often amazed at how much we let this go in our daily lives.  Now granted if it is working hours and you are doing something social ish then I think we are more accepting of it.  

Science Daily published the results of a study done on Phubbing at the University of Kent.  Researchers "considered phubbing a specific form of social exclusion that threatens people's fundamental human needs: belonging, self-esteem, meaningful existence and control". 

"The results showed that, as the level of phubbing increased, people experienced greater threats to their fundamental needs. They also perceived the communication quality to be poorer, and the relationship to be less satisfying. The results also showed that phubbing affected the need to belong in particular, which explained the overall negative effects on social interaction".  Read the article here.

Although this Wikipedia page on Phubbing is short, I like it because it contains several links that will allow you to research the topic further.  In particular the links to "Stop Phubbing" campaigns.  Now putting these campaigns on the internet and social media, which would mean one would be on their phone to read them, is in itself the definition of irony.  Then again, where else would you reach someone who is on their phone too much?

So are you a Phubber?  What do you think of others who incessantly Phubb?  How do you deal with it?