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Are You Nutts? - Tribute Workout this Saturday, Jan 9th

image Only six athletes, including BK and the Duke (seen in the lower part of the montage photo) have done this monstrous MadLab1.0 workout. Let's have as many of us Lower Mainland Crossfitter's as we can complete this so called "Century Club" this Saturday as a tribute to Andrew Nuttall. When I think back to any effort Andy gave inside our box, this one workout stands out more than any other. A team sign up sheet will be posted Monday afternoon with all the details. A few notes though. The Format - Reverse Prom Style. (Male/Female Teams Only) Each individual lady must select a gentleman to be her partner in the workout. One athlete can workout at once. Heats of 4 mixed teams will start every 10 minutes at 10:30 on Saturday and continue until the workout is done. Bring a recovery drink as this may take awhile. I'll post the workout in the comments section. Paleo Contestants will need to be post their Food Logs to the comments section on the Wednesday and Sunday Blogs (we'll break it up to save you posting time). This will be for Sunday Jan 3rd to Saturday Jan 9th. So pass on all those remaining holiday treats and focus on the remaining two months of the challenge. Monday's Workout Complete 5 Rounds of: 3 Muslce-ups 5 Clean and Jerks (85/135lbs) 8 Weighted Lunges (85/135lbs) - Use lowered rings and the knee starting position as a progression for those that don't have muscle-ups. - Power cleans allowed. - Knee must touch ground on alternating lunges, bar can be on shoulders in a front rack position or placed behind the head for the lunges. Spend the beginning of class practicing the movements and their progressions. Enjoy. TBear.