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Are Your Beauty Products Safe?

First and foremost!! Congratulations to Team Eunice for winning Mad Lab 5.0!! Eunice, Fancy Pants, Donkey and Wendy Lb threw down hard Saturday afternoon to beat Pete K and his Angels in a 5 workout finale. Pictures and video to come. Here an interesting site developed by educational juggernaut The Environmental Working Group. Its called Skin Deep. As a community we spend so much time discussing the value of what we put into our bodies. Have you ever considered what you put on your body? You can type in any beauty product and the site will score it on the overall health threat it poses to its users. So I punched in my aftershave and deodorant. Turns out the former actually poses a moderate health risk. What surprised me was that the deodorant, which is marketed as all natural and good for you, also posed a moderate risk (although lower than the Nivea product). Give it a whirl and find out how you may be harming yourself. Monday's Workout: Tech: Deadlift - Do some oneses at a high weight but not your max. Strive for perfect form on up to 90% of your 1 rep max. We can call this a "safe max" Workout: The Hawk 400 m Run Max Reps Push Ups For 20 minutes. Score is the total amount of push ups you do. You may pause/rest in the top plank position but if you seek relief by lifting your hips up then your push up set is over. Mucho Amore, Sheppy