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As of midnight Sunday, we currently have 26 members on our affiliate team! Let’s make it 40!

Next week, the 2011 CrossFit Games Season and the ROAD TO CALIFORNIA Begins! image Let's take this shit down, bitches! The way the format goes this year, it will let many more athletes contribute. You can join our team as an ATHLETE or a FAN! Here's how it works: Starting next week, for six weeks, one workout will be announced each week. You will have one week to complete and submit a score each week. At the end of the six weeks, the top 30 teams in Canada West will qualify to compete for one of the 3 team spots at the CrossFit Games in California this July. Only 30 teams in the world will qualify to the Games this year, and we want to be one of them. How great would it be if we had 30 people play small roles to help us get to the BIG DANCE!? Huge pride. We were the top Canadian Team at the Games last year, and we can definitely do it again. Our team at Regionals (when we make it there) will consist of 3 men and 3 women (who we will chose at a later date), but during this open tryout, we can have as many people on our team as we like. In fact, the more the better. Your top three men and women's scores will contribute each week, and the deeper we are, the more options we'll have. This means if one week the workout is a Big Man's workout, we might count Lumber, Andy and Pete's scores, but the following week, it might be a handstand push-up WOD, and Bill's, Poker's, and Vince's scores might go toward the team. What you have to do: Go to: Register as an individual athlete (cost is $10). Then go to JOIN TEAM and join CrossFit Vancouver. A request will then be sent to me to approve your request to join our team. Easy as that! As for the workouts, we're going to program them into our regular Thursday programming, so you can come compete on Thursdays for the next six weeks, or on Sundays - details to follow about the Sunday option. Please register this weekend, so we can reassess on Monday and see how many member we have. Much love, Eunice