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Autumn, bring it on.

Well the last day of September is here, as we move forward into October the days get shorter as the air gets cooler and I figure we should take advantage of it while we can. Try to get out and play this weekend, rain or shine! The workout today will give you a little time to cool off outside because it's a good ol' grinder that gets the heart pumping! You can give Kelly Sams props for this one , she suggested it! I Wish Happy Birthday to Kelly Sams/Muuudd & Rob Dunn/DarthErkel. Have fun Celebrating this weekend. Warm up: max sit ups (30 secs on- 30 secs rest x 2) Tech: Review wod movements/standards Workout: Kelly complete 5 rounds of, 400m run 30 box jumps (20/24lbs) 30 wall balls (12/14/20) I gotta hunch orange and brown are the in colors this month.. A Good Weekend to All of You. Charlie.