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More Pelvic Rotation To Not Hook Your Golf Ball

There is an old adage in golf that says you start out with a slice then move to a hook then will find somewhere in the middle where you can play.

Well right now I am in hook hell.  This means my club path on my downswing is inside to out - This is preferable.  However my club face is too far closed to the target and thus my ball starts on my target line but then takes too much of a turn to the right (I'm a lefty)... Annnndddd there I am in the trees or a sand trap or the water.  Ugh.

Being real wristy and handsy in your swing can cause a hook but why do we do that in the first place?  Usually we are not using our lower body and hip rotation effectively hence our upper body and hands have to make up for this and try to correct at the last split second before impact...  You can imagine how that goes...  More trees, sand traps and water.

When my focus is sky high, I use the ground effectively and rotate my hips to hit a tiny little draw (only 5-10 yards of sideways movement vs 30 yards).  This is a  preferable shot.  This is what that old golf adage is talking about.

So how well do you use the ground and your hips in your golf swing? 

As a TPI Golf Fitness certified trainer I can improve your ability to weight shift and rotate your pelvis.  When they are trained in this movement over and over again in the gym that same movement is more likely to show up on the golf course... And then you won't be in the trees, sand traps or frickin' water!!

To help with the balance and stability in your weight shift we would practice Rainbow Passes.

We can train your weight shift with the Pivot and Post Drill.

Just one of several hip rotation exercises we could do is a Bird Dog with Internal and External Rotation.

These are just some of the ways I can help you improve your pelvic rotation and STOP HOOKING THE FRICKIN' BALL!!  :-)

If you have any question about TPI Golf Fitness please feel free to contact Chris Saini at