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Back Alley Sprint Training is back

This one we haven't done in a while, some may remember it! T-Bear put something similar to this workout up last spring. image And as I recall, it was something awe full... 10 Rounds 30 second Run, 30 second Rest Record distance to nearest 1/4 loop (each loop is 232 meters) Get the prewarm up in and coaches or apprentices will take you through a good running warm up. Once warm we will hit the alley set our starting position while coaches lay markers, its 10 rounds babes so hit it with everything you got! As for the remainder of class, go back in and grab a coach or apprentice (who is not busy) and declare to do max push ups in a minute for today's workout. We will go few at a time so we can watch each other and make sure that each rep is full range as well as locked out! As the long weekend is about to fall upon us so a little heads up holiday schedule school is in! (Saturday classes as usual, Sunday closed & Monday we will have a 5pm class.) And now are you a Thinker / Doer?