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Back Alley Sprint Training is back

8 Rounds 30 second Run, 20 second Rest Record distance to nearest 1/4 loop (each loop is 232 meters)
I borrowed this workout from BMac's Crossfit Endurance Blog. This one may be worse than the Tabata Sprints that had the Professor bent over gasping after the 6th round but they work tremendously if followed for a 5 week period. I'm not the biggest fan of running but the coaches agree we have to hit a few more of these running drills and training sessions each week for my weak ass running to get better. Post your thoughts on what you think after checking out the Crossfit Endurance Site and the many drills he puts his athletes through. Crossfit Endurance Site But before we run it's testing time. Get out your duotang and check when you did your last set of max pull-ups. Post your prior numbers and what you were able to pull off today. I think the gym record is at 53 or 54 by either Sac or Popeye. TBear