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Back at it after the Long Weekend

CrossFit Vancouver is a very special place. We are an eclectic tribe of people from all over the world. I often hear people talking about their youth and where they are from. What better way to learn more about a person than see photos of them when they were younger. Here is our darling Rhea Borkowicz-Stewart. Same haircut. Less teeth. image I've got some great photos of others from the community and will be posting them all week. Please send me ( what you have so we can all have a laugh. Tuesday's Workout: Warm up: Tabata Box Jumps (24"/20") Foot must completely be on the box for the rep to count Tech: Squat Clean and Jerk - Try something heavy Workout: Squat Clean and Jerk Ladder (135/85 lbs) 1rst minute do 1 2nd minute do 2 3rd minute do 3 How far can you go? Love Sheppy