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Back From Bali

image Jaiya, Ghandi, Patty, Boy, Andrew, Schumacher on the beach in G-Land Jungle Well.........we are back. It was a great trip, we all improved our surfing, recharged our batteries, created some great memories and cemented friendships. Other than some broken boards, minor scrapes, ( I burnt my leg on a scooter muffler, and still have some coral imbedded in my finger), I believe we are for the most part.....Unscathed. smile I have to tell you, the most impressive aspect of Bali is without a doubt, is the people. They are amazing. Once we got past a few touts, scammers and hustlers, (bull has the best story) we found the most hard working, honest and happy people we have ever met in any country, we have ever vacationed in. We hung out with these guys nearly every day. Thanks fellas! (tear up my car seat) smile Back to work: In Medewi (point break in north west bali) we created a workout one day by the pool. We don't have a pool, so I am going to substitute with a bear crawl. The leaderboard will be a 500m row. The professor wants to test more short hard fast. Monday's lesson Plan: Warm up: 500m row (put your time in the leaderboard) Tech: Bulgarian Split squat (an Urban Monk favorite) I think we might fool around more with the lunge, BSS, one legged deadlift and pistols. WOD: Medewi In teams of 2 or 3 (depending upon how many in each specific class) 2 lengths of bear crawls 10 pushups 15 squats switch with partner How many rounds in 15 minutes? See you there Patty