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Back From Cowtown with Respect and Glory

image JOY Just got in from Calgary an hour ago and found out it's my turn to "bring the pain" this week. First off BIG shout out to Crossfit Calgary, OPT, DJ, Lauren and Opt's little brother Michael, you guys were awesome. The level of competency from Crossfit Calgary was inspirational and will surely raise our game out in Lotus land. Thank you for putting on a first class show. I know you have all seen Joy, Sac, Pete, and Max do battle at our barn, but this weekend they all took it to another level. (truly inspiring) Joy- Well what can I say about Joy... You couldn't have written a better story. The first WOD (the Kanadian) was posted incorrectly(honest mistake) and had one of the favorites to win ahead of Joy by a few stations? but after video review Joy had clearly beat her. But another girl beat Joy by 1 F@#$in wall ball. So she was sitting pretty in second place. The second workout was at night the same day. It was at an indoor track for a 1K show down, where 10 minutes before her race she got an extreme calf strain and could barely walk on it. After an amazing physio therapist worked on her for five minutes she entered the starting blocks. At this point I was very doubtful she could even finish 5 laps let alone place in the top 10. After the second lap you could see the extreme pain written all over her face, but she "grinded it out" and came second. (I actually had a lump in my throat and my eyes watered up a bit...almost,lol. So after day 1 she was tied for first and heading into WOD #3... 3 attempts max weight ground to over head . She hit 155 lb in practice easily, so that was our starting weight. Staying with the stress "ol Popeye theme" she missed both her first 2 attempts and had one more attempt or would have dropped out of contention. Like a champion she stepped up with the whole gym nervously looking on and hit it with a smile. (see photo) The whole place cheered. Then the last WOD was "Jackie" aka Navy Seal... she was third off the rower( behind the second and third place girls) and blasted 50 straight thrusters to make up some ground. She hit the pull up bar and pulled away, and took home the 2009 Crossfit Qualifier gold!!!!! Sac kicked some arse this weekend as well. He was sitting third after the three wods (clean and jerked 270) and destroyed the Navy seal (6:14"ish) and moved up to finsh second place, atta boy brother!!!! Pete(who wasn't even going to enter this thing) was sitting 4th after three events. Watching Pete kick on the final lap of the 1 km run was AWESOME!!! Finishing 5th overall. Atta boy Pete!!! Day one wasn't quite the Max we were use to seeing, but on day two "the ground to overhead wod" he decided to eat his spinach, and clean and jerked 260lbs (at a body weight of 165 lb) to win that event and crushed the Navy seal workout (6 minutes and a few seconds). He also PR'd on jackie and finished 2nd on the event. That was a major comback and moved him up to fourth overall. Good job Frodo You will wear the ring one day. Once again, when you see these gladiators at the gym this week congratulate them they represented Crossfit Vancouver above and beyond. So I would like to share some of the pain these guys went through this weekend with you guys... Wod #1" the KANADIAN" WOD 1 - "every rep counts" AMR in 20 minutes: 10 Wall balls to 10ft (male-20#, female-14#) 10 Box Jumps - 20 inches 10 Dead Lift (male-205#, female-145#) 10 burpees goal: achieve most rounds and reps possible in 20 minute time frame This won is brutal, please "no your limit and stay within it" Proud Papa Popeye