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Barefoot Shoes, the Revolution of Evolution!

People often ask what the heck is going on at that green corner of the gym, and man, let me tell ya, there is a lot of good stuff there! One of the things NoTone (Antony King) has there are the Barefoot Shoes. This Barefoot thing is becoming more and more well known in the last few years and so many people are discovering the benefits of it. It turns out to be that it's nothing new. We are just re-learning to walk on our feet the same way our ancestors once did, just like the Paleo diet (we are trying to eat what they ate), but why?? Simply because we are generically made for it! As simple as that. Now, with modern society, we can't be literally barefoot all the time. Tell me what kind of office job would you find if you didn't wear a pair of shoes in your first interview?!?! I can't think of one. So the idea here is to have shoes that will imitate as much as possible a barefoot.

I'm no expert on this so I got NoTone to explain to us the "whats and whys" about all this and here is the article he put together so we can understand a bit more about this:

Why Barefoot Living Is Not A Fad!

Read it and go talk to him if you have any questions... he can talk about this for hours! Don't be shy and go check his little green corner out! FRIDAY: Today we are going to do our FIRST DAY AGAIN! Yes, that's it! This is a great test of our abilities, an awesome way to test yourself and how much better you've gotten over time. WARMUP: 400m Ball Run TECH: Max Pull Ups Max Push ups Max Dips Max Sit Ups in a minute WOD: TABATA SQUATS Time to set new Pr's again! Have fun :) Fancypants. PS:THIS SUNDAY 10AM CLASS IS CANCELLED!