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Bathroom Graffiti!!

I've seen some herculean efforts the last few days. I have to say it is very satisfying to see 15 people lying on the ground with their hearts in their throats and frying like bacon all because they did a workout you programmed. Thank you to all who laid it down these last few days. I'd like to bring everyone's attention to the left side of our website. Look down just a bit and you'll see the block icon for "Bathroom Graffiti". It's the school newspaper and it's not always a PG production. Reader discretion is advised. Originally a monthly release it will be updated a couple times a week. Be sure to check it out and learn lots about the people you sweat it out with every day. For instance, did you know it was revealed that Andy Sac sleeps naked? That Patty is looking for love? CrossFit Vancouver's first response team saved Arthur's life when his car crashed into the gym? Resident apprentice and kick ass CrossFitter Emily "Punky" "Eunice" Beers puts a lot of time and attention into this monthly publication. I believe we are very fortunate to have such an awesome athlete and person in our community. There are givers and takers in this world. Em is definitely a giver and we are the benefactors. Please take the time to enjoy her hard work. What's behind that smile? A sub 3 Fran just around the corner or a bucket of ice cream?image Wednesday's Workout: Warm Up: Reverse Tabata Hanging LSit (10 sec of hang/20 sec of rest). If you are really good try this in the false grip. Tech: Dot Drill Workout: 800 m Run 40 V Sits 40 Lunges 40 Foot Butt Scoot 800 m Run Have Fun! Shep