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Put a Wrench on that Bathroom Stench

Public service announcement

Ok, here's the problem:

When a 'Number 2' gets dropped off at Madlab,  

often...not always, but often... a foul aroma creeps over the north side of the gym, wrinkling noses and watering eyes, from the rowers all the way to the front desk. 

For some, this noxious bouquet intensifies, and instils a submissive, fleeing behaviour, to all who draw-in its baleful fumes.


Here's the solution (we hope): 

Step 1 Spritz Poo - Pourri into the toilet bowl before you go. The essential oils form a layer on the top of the water which provides a barrier that the offending fragrance can't get past.

Step 2 Go 

Step 3 Exit the bathroom to be meet by nodding salutes. and small, dignified fist pumps in recognition of the good that was just done.