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Battle Paleo - Playoffs on their way!!!

Tremendous results are coming in so far. A 33% decrease of total skinfold has topped the chart so far for the preliminary 4 weeks. Shazam is there after giving up booze. Blewitt, BK, Cam, Jeff A, Snoball, Meriev are all around 30% by sticking to a paleo based diet while understanding that fun is still allowed. They all are way stronger, more powerful and know how to control their body fat situation. They are in control. We know how to put it on and take it off. To what extent?? ....well that is the burning question. I know we are way better at it this year compared to last. The majority of paleo'rs are stepping it up with this "battlepaleo challenge. Next one starts in April. This isn't a fad diet. This isn't a difficult diet. This is a way of being....and is quite simplified. Talk to your school mates. Everyone is learning and tweaking their diets as we go. Paleo Playoff People - hear this - You're eating less because your losing weight. You've become an efficient fat eating machine!! Gary Taubes tells it like it is. Monday Pre-lim Component 5 rounds of 10 Overhead Squats (increase that weight - even if it's 2%) Leaderboard Workout "oooohhh Biiiiillllliiiiieeee" - 50 Overhead Squats for time (85/135) *use 70% of 1RM for progressions. TBear If you love this stuff check out these vids. Hey guys this is a sick video of Joel (the Brazilian vegetarian chicken lover freak) squatting a motorcycle!! It's awesome! Take a look: Great job Joel! Proud of you smile