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Battle Paleo - Starts Jan 13th, 14th, 19th, & 20th.

Start challenging your friends. There will be 10 person flights (as many as we can fill up) with a winner take all purse. Top 5 after 4 weeks move on to a 2 week playoff for the greatest percentage body fat change. It'll be a ton of fun. Friday Workout is a clean up day WOD. Many of you missed a couple great benchmark workouts this week. Here's the chance to complete them. So if you missed the Tuesday or Wednesday WOD please complete "Nancy" first. If you've completed Nancy do your max clean and jerk. Find that and complete the "Finisher" 10 C&J (@90%) plus 30 burpee. IF your a BEAST and completed both of those. Work some MobityWODs or do the "Finisher" with 90% of your max Snatch for the day. TBear