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Battle Paleo

BATTLE PALEO is underway! Here is an update: Everyone is pinched. Some people are starting their second week today others are just beginning. There have been weight losses already. Cheats have been happening! If you are in the challenge we would love to have you visiting the website below and post to the comments in the blogs! This will help us to see where you are at, answer questions (incase we miss you at the school), and you can also lay some smack, tell us about things you are eating/buying/cheating on, what is hard/easy???? Give us a list of what you ate for a day! How often are you working out? PR's????? The more info we have the more we can help people out over the next 4-6 weeks and also make improvements along the way. There are blogs about books, random things that are happening.......SOOOOOO please check it daily. We also encourage those not in the challenge to visit and comment on the blog!!! So get into the spirit!!! Tbear and Dash smile Dont forget there is also amazing grass-fed meat (beef/bison/lamb) for sale in the freezer at the school.