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Please Be Careful at 4th Ave East and Clark Drive

After being in this building for nearly 10 years I've seen my share of accidents and near misses at 4th Avenue East and Clark Drive.

Several times I've seen a collision on Clark where vehicles turning on Clark from 4th collide with a car traveling on Clark.  Often the vehicle on Clark is changing lanes. Don't change lanes in an intersection!

Moreover its often vehicles turning east onto 4th from southbound Clark Dr.  They are often coming through there fast to beat the oncoming northbound traffic.  

What makes this especially dangerous is that they are entering the next 20-30m of the intersection on 4th Ave blind.  So they are moving fast and blind with next to no wiggle room.

I've seen a few accidents in this area.  Once a vehicle was doing a u-turn in the zone between Clark and our alley.  Whamo! This is a big NO NO!  Take the long way around for everyone's safety.  

Even more dangerous is people crossing 4th Ave between our alley and Clark Dr.  Thankfully I've never seen anyone hit but have seen some very close calls with cars swerving and people diving out of the way.  Better to cross 4th on the far east side of the alley if your vehicle is west of it.  

Please be aware for yourself and others.  Safety First!!

The SPSA (Sheppy Public Service Announcement) has been brought to you by MadLab School of Fitness.  :-)