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Beautiful Turnout to the Nutt’s Tribute Workout

Great energy, great teams, and the effort displayed was above all my wildest expectations. I for one have never experienced a workout where 40 of the 77 crossfitters were going full tilt at once, albeit at different stages, but still attacking this one workout inside one gym. What an awesome feeling. Congratulations to everyone. You all completed the Co-ed Version of the Century Club with no injuries and hopefully many good memories of an epic workout. Should we attempt it alone next year? AND Hey - Did someone see Duke actually carry Kermit and the 90lbs of plates for the finishing run??
Paleo Challenge Athletes - please post Thursday, Friday and Saturday's Food Log to the comments section
Sunday Workout - 10:30am & 2pm Classes "Sunbeam" 12 - 135/85lbs Shoulder Press 1 mile run 12 - 155/105lbs Push Press 1000m Run 12 - 185/135 Push or Split Jerks 600m Run Racks allowed - share a bar and rack if the class numbers are high. Use progressions - these weights and reps are designed to be at 75% of 1RM. So scale down if these weights are close or over your 1RM. STAY HUNGRY....STAY FOOLISH....2010 Steve Jobs : How to live before you die Do you really understand the Insulin/Blood Sugar High Glycemic Load mess? Check out Mark's Daily Apple for tons of good info The Insulin Deal TBear