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Because "I'm too busy. I can't make it to the gym" REALLY means "I'm choosing not to prioritize my fitness."

"I'm so busy."

"I don't have time to make it to the gym."

"I have a kid!"

"I'm pregnant."

"Work is crazy."

"It's snowing."

"It's cold."

"My car broke down."

And on. And on.

All of the above = excuses. Which is fine. If you don't prioritize the gym, that's OK. But recognize your excuses for what they really are: Excuses.

Alas: Meet Kyla McCaig!

Kyla is busy. 

Kyla has a child - a baby girl named Addia who isn't yet 2 years old.

Kyla works as an RMT.

Kyla doesn't have a car and travels by bus from Kitsilano.

This doesn't stop her.

Last week, Kyla traveled across the city in a frickin snow storm on the bus with her 21-month toddler at her side. Oh, and her seeing eye dog because Kyla is also legally blind. Yes. BLIND! So there was Kyla, blind, on the bus, in a snow storm, with a baby, and a dog, and a duffle bag the same size as her, getting her ass into the gym. Oh... and... Kyla is also 6 MONTHS PREGNANT!

Pregnant Kyla. Baby. Dog. At the gym.

Still think "I'm busy at work" is an accurate reason why you haven't been able to get fit?