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Ben - MadLab Teen

Ben has been training at MadLab and has grown so much as an athlete but also as a person. 

As Ben puts it: "There are so many benefits, it is fun you get better at most things that you use your body for. You start to see more improvement as you are training more often"

Ben also just competed in our In House Nutts Cup and won! Pretty awesome to see him grow! 

"Want to be more like Ben, rocking out pull-ups at 14 years old?

Not only is Ben the fittest kid in school, he has also become more confident and happier since training at MadLab.

"I generally just feel better...I'm happier. When I'm in a bad mood, it puts my mind away from that and I'm just happier after." - Ben


If you are a Teen or have a teen that think could benefit from this training call MadLab today to find out more!