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'Best Hallowe'en Party in the City' is just 25 days away

Party is Saturday, October 29th. Doors open at 9 pm. Tickets go on sale tomorrow - Wednesday, October 5th. If you have never is a festival for the 5 senses.....not the least of which is the sight of 300 Crossfitters and "cool" friends all decked out in well prepared costumes. You will see everything...... Some damn fine pecker lifting little costumes with HIGH HIGH heels (most women).... movie quality werewolf shit or a grown man in a Scouts Canada Beaver costume. We have it all in our great community Haloween Party. You will experience some mind blowing shit....... But only if you bring the Love and the Happy.........if you let go and go with the flow...... The vibe will take you where you need to go. :) Bring friends......get down......and love one another, don't drive and take care of each other We have decided to issue tickets this year............We have no choice 1. We need to be able to monitor who comes into our house, keep the fuck ups out, and control the numbers. This thing pushed over 500 people last 2 years. We can't handle 1,000. We want this party to be safe as a slumber party at Barny Rubble's. Everyone coming in the door will have a ticket with their name on it, and if they're not from our community, their CF Van connection's name will also be on the ticket. You are responsible for your guests........legion style. We will have one man and one woman ticket taker at the door all night, who will also give you a drink voucher for a free drink upon entry. Price: $10 per ticket. Includes one free drink. You're free to buy two or three tickets for friends, too. We're printing 400 tickets only. 2.We are now required, since the broken arms,legs and wrists of the roller disco party, ( didn't see that one coming.....hmmmmm hundreds of drunken, high crossfitters on roller issues there) to get special "event" insurance and a liquor license.....(ie limit the number of people) Combined with DJ, Sound system, decorations and a clean-up crew, our costs are over a gboy before the party even starts VOLUNTEERING: I'm posting a sign-up sheet at the school for anyone who wants to help decorate the day of, or ticket take. Ticket taking and bartending are sweet ways to get to know people if you're new to the community. E-mail Sheppy at if you want to bartend. Facebook Event Page If there's one CF Van function you should make the effort to show up to, it's this one... T-Bear - Opening Act? - Eunice