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Big Al thanks CrossFit Vancouver

Allister Jones, commonly known as ‘Big Al’ owns CrossFit Glenmore in Kelowna. It’s no surprise he’s been successful in drawing women in their 50s (his prime clientele demographic) to CrossFit. Simply put, Big Al is objectively charming and equally attractive – he has one of those faces that doesn’t want to age. Although Big Al has the talent to be a huge success on his own, he doesn’t for a second discredit how CrossFit Vancouver has nurtured him, and continues to cradle his business today. Patty introduced Big Al to CrossFit in November, 2003.Patty took him to a city park in the area and put him through his first WOD. Although still a stranger to CrossFit, he was no stranger to Patterson – the two had been best friends as children in Gaspe, Quebec. “Being best friends with Patty over the years has taken my life on many narrow, less travelled paths,” says Big Al. “The CrossFit path has changed my life in many ways.” Prior to CrossFit, Big Al was your typical wannabe body building male, constantly pumping himself with horrible tasting protein shakes, creatine, and double whoppers, all the while never seeming to gain the fitness prowess he strived for. While living this lifestyle, he had a life threatening accident that left him 50-pounds underweight and severely disabled on his left side of the body. CrossFit helped him recover and gain his strength back, he explains. Today, Big Al says what he misses most about training in Vancouver is the sense of community and belonging that flourishes at CrossFit Vancouver. “Every time I feel my tank getting empty, I take a visit to Vancouver, check out your website, or call Patty and get a belly full of energy, inspiration and new ideas to implement at my own box,” said Big Al. “Everything I learned in CrossFit was learned as a student for three and a half years at CrossFit Vancouver,” he said.