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big man night- love for the trunk

Thursday is " Big man night" so it's time to lift heavy. The week wouldn't be complete with out some deadlifts. in this workout, the goal is to strengthen your posterior chain, and train the anterior side with ab mat sit ups. So, the rep range for the deadlifts are 3-2-1-1-2-3 . After you completed your deadlift set, [right away] have your partner run a timer for 30 seconds and go for max rep ab mat sits ups { bottoms of feet together heels pulled in towards butt, arms straight out in front not overhead}. Do the same for each deadlift set. take about 3 minutes between sets, so you can work in groups of 2's or if bigger class 3's. To score this, you take your total deadlift weight and divide by the total rounds [ 6 ] and get the average of your combined lifts. Combine that average to the lowest number in any round of ab mat sit ups ....highest score is top dawg. really watch your backs on the heavier deadlifts popeye