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Big Man Play Day

Come on in and work on your lifting skills, the snatch or the clean & jerk. What ever it is that you feel you need work on grab a coach and ask them for tips! Start by teaming up with 1 or 2 people that are working on the same movement. Coaches will go over both lifts with the sticks at the beginning of class after everyone has completed the warm up. Todays warm up for people that came in on Tuesday will be 20 Turkish Get up (20/35)lbs thats 10 each arm! Those who skipped out on the run will run 1mile for warm up. Work on proper technique in these lifts, the leader board will sleep so don't worry about a new max or big weight. Just get it dialed!! And of course have fun, after all its play day. Here's some old school footage when Big Man Night came about back at the 2nd & Ontario box! Nice Jig Kermie, Lid was hot too. smile