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Big Plans for the weekend?

The weekend is here for some it means time to hit the slopes as with the amount of rain we've been getting in the city means an abundance of snow on the mountains. This weekend we have a couple extra things going on. Saturday at noon we have the boxing clinic and Sunday we have stretch therapy clinic at 1:30pm. Stretch Therapy Introduction - Nov 29th @ 1:30 Sunday afternoon Giselle and Andy are hosting a 2 hour Introduction to Stretching Workshop this Sunday for those who are interested. This will be the first of four planned workshops (the others being an Upperbody Focus, a Lowerbody Focus, and a Total Body Focus), and will be considered a prerequisite for the ones that follow. Cost is $40. Those who have already been to one of our Intro workshops can hop into this one for the low low price of $20. Shoot Andy an email if you are interested, or if you have any questions. See you there. image Warmup: 24 Turkish getup's (35/20) Technique: Bench Press Saturday's' WOD: 5 Rounds For Time 20 Wall Balls 10 Burpees Also Tbear reminded me that everyone who is doing the Paleo Challenge is supposed to complete these Workouts by the end of the month. Paleo Dirty Thirty v2.0 CrossFit Total or Max Clean and Jerk. The last of the performance workouts is the 5km run which I'm going to ask you to complete on your own time and post to the wall at the gym. Let's get them all in by the 30th of November. Have a great weekend!