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Big Sugar

Not the blues rock band. Big Sugar. As in Big Tobacco. "The average person in the western world consumes the equivalent of twenty five 2kg/5 lbs bags (of sugar) every year. Mostly hidden in processed food and drinks. The sheer quantity makes sugar a suspect in the worldwide obesity crisis. Big Sugar denies any connection." Giant huge conglomerates who farm, craft, promote and sell a product that is addictive and harmful to your health. So often we discuss health concerns with diets high in refined sugar. Hyperinsulism, type II diabetes, tooth decay, obesity... The list goes on. We rarely look beyond the immediate health issues. The CBC has produced a 2 part documentary investigating the sugar business. Did you know the sugar trade had much of its roots in the West Indian slave trade? Did you know it veritably still does? Do you know how sugar effected the history of Canada? Big Sugar also wields giant political power. They keep foreign sugar out of the US so subsidized domestic Big Sugar can charge three times the market value at huge environmental costs. I'd like to tell you more but you'll have to watch and find out for yourself. Please, please, please find the time to watch this. It is fascinating and eye opening. Watch "BIG SUGAR" here. Do I think that all sugar is all bad bad bad? Everything in moderation (including moderation) I always say. Although I have have a much more salty tooth than a sugar tooth, I have been known to jam a few Turtles down my throat from time to time. I think this documentary just adds more colour to the grand picture. Tuesday's Workout: Warm Up: Shoulder Prep Wall Angels Andy's Overhead Prep: Lay on the ground with the weight over you. With a straight arm let the weight push your arm into the shoulder socket. Probably about 3-4 minutes on each arm. You have TWO workouts to complete today. 1#) 2000 m Row 2#) The Overhead Extravaganza 1 Shoulder Press 3 Push Press 5 Jerk What's the most weight you can do? Be sure the push press is a push press. Once the leg straightens it cannot bend again. You must press it out for the rep to count. There are a limited amount of rowers so coaches structure the class as you need. Half can do the row while the other the extravaganza. Flip it when ready. Coaches go through the shoulder band (off the pull up bar) stretch with your athletes after. Leader Board is the row. Put your name and weight for The Extravaganza on the front board. Old school. Hugs and Kisses, Sheppy