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Big Winners of Flab Challenge III

We have a winner! A bunch of them actually, but one person stood (barely) above the rest. Mtano Loewi wins $300 (and other goodies) for having lost over 30% of his body fat in three months!! Close on his heels, and winning $200, was Jen Winter (Ms. Rhino) who lost 26.1% of her body fat while rehabbing from her pregnancy. Jen also wins $150 for gaining the most lean body mass (a 6.9% increase) In third place, Brooke Cote wins $150 for having lost 21.9% of her body fat. Honorable mentions go out to: David Watts (just missed out), Tina "medium Boobs" Guindon, TJ Wenc, Brent Cote, Raymond "Old Man" Chan, and all the others who went in the right direction. NICE JOB GUYS AND GALS. You are an inspiration. I think all of us realize what a commitment it takes to produce the dramatic results that you have produced. Foregoing the little treats and the short term satisfaction for the long term gain is an equation that never really changes as we forge ahead with the Crossfit Lifestyle. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The full results will be posted at the gym (except for the people who didn't get their second scan done.....was it just me........or did the no shows seem to be a bit chubbier??) smile