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CrossFit Transformed Your Life.

MightyOmega Will Transform Your CrossFit Business.

Transform Your CrossFit Business CrossFit transformed your life. With your positive experience as a template, you decided to create a community to give the CrossFit transformational experience to others. CrossFit truly enriches lives through physical transformation and community creation. Now it’s time to transform your CrossFit business and maximize client retention -- with MightyOmega. Keep Your Clients Let’s face it--clients take work: work to find, work to train, and work to keep. So take care of your clients, keep more of them and transform your CrossFit business with MightyOmega. . MightyOmega helps you keep your clients because it noticeably reduces their muscle soreness so they keep coming to class (rather than making up excuses and not training). And you know from experience that the more frequently a CrossFit Athlete trains, the greater the chance they’ll stick with CrossFit. This means increased revenue and profit for you. The Client Loss Cycle The opposite is also true -- bring on a lot of clients, but lose them because they stop coming regularly, and you’ll see your business lose revenue and profit. The loss of a client is a slippery slope that goes like this:
  1. Client gets sore
  2. Client can’t train
  3. Client wants to stay away from the gym to recover
  4. Clients get used to not coming
  5. Client rationalizes why they want to quit: no time, too much money or injury.
Sound familiar? So break the cycle with MightyOmega. We’ve evolved the omega-3 platform so you can offer something better to your community. After all, isn’t evolution what CrossFit’s about? How To Get Started Here’s how to get started:
  1. First, use it yourself.
  2. Then, have your best athletes and coaches use it.
  3. Finally, call (888-799-3742) or email us ( to sign up for a wholesale account and get MightyOmega into your gym and recommend it to your community
We’re Here To Help We’ll help you every step of the way with:
  1. Complete omega-3 training
  2. Merchandising support
  3. On-going support
How MightyOmega is Helping CrossFit Affiliates CrossFit Lions - Chris 'Pie' Harrison CrossFit Vancouver - Chris 'Shep' Saini Why CrossFit Coaches Love MightyOmega
Why CrossFitters Love MightyOmega
    We look forward to working with you. The Epic Nutrients Team.