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Boat Cruise this weekend!

One of our new CF Van members, Mel ("The one with the pretty eyes," is how Sheppy describes her), is putting herself through 10 days of craziness at the end of the summer - a 10-day hockey game! The cause is a good one: cystic fibrosis. The fundraising has begun, and this weekend she's hosting a boat cruise in Van. Below is the info. A few of us are going for sure, and it would be great to have a solid CrossFit community attend. -Eunice Sounds like a nice way to kill a Saturday evening! Try not to forget yer sea legs at home, especially with scotch on the boat ;-) I am going to break the rules a little bit today and go against the grain, we will still focus on gymnastics however the main workout will be your max deadlift combined with time you can hangout on the pull bar. You are only getting one attempt, that's right we are going to burnout or grip strength on the deadlift just so we can burn it out more by holding our body weight hanging from the pull up bar! Your score will be max lift + time in seconds ex. I have a 365lbs deadlift plus I hangout for a minute & ten secs, my score would be, 365+70=435 points! Coaches warm up/ review the Deadlift. Get everybody lifting for the first half of the class, then at half past the hour get your class hanging for time. Use the remainder of class to work on gymnastic skills, handstands, front & back levers, breakout the crash mat and do some dive rolls ect!!! Today's warm up: tabata russian twist Guys use a red kettle bell/ girls on a gray! CFP