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Body Fat Results / Crossfit Vancouver Workouts for the Week

Some interesting results from the first day of the body scans. Clean eating Sean is leading the way loosing over 5% body fat while still managing to gain muscle and Popeyes whole milk regime has put him in the lead with the most muscle mass gained over the three month period (which is especially impressive considering his body fat only went up by .3%). Sack saw positive results with his new intermittent fasting routine and on the Zone Lumber, Alriaz and Pig Pen all had significant decreases in body fat but also lost lean muscle mass along the way. Key thing to note is that in addition to watching what they eat, all of these individuals have made a significant commitment to Crossfit and have been in the gym consistently. If you have not already signed up for a scan, make sure you do so. Even if you did not do the original scan in September you can still sign up now to get an idea where you are at. Now the important thing to realize when reviewing your results, is whether something is good or bad all depends on your goals. Is losing body fat good? Is loosing muscle bad? Depends on your starting point and what your goals are. If you are a bigger guy, the trade off between loosing body fat and loosing muscle mass may be worth it, but if you are little guy wanting to do workouts like fran and grace unscalled, the trade off may not be as favourable. Look forward to hearing about more improvements by all over the next couple days. Going to try something a little different this week and post all the workouts for the week at once to give you a chance to arrange your schedules to get your ass in the gym on the days where we are working on your weaknesses. Sundays Workout:Sunday we are going to head to back alley and do some sprints. Start at the 200m turn around point and sprint 100m to the 400m mark, then run backwards back to the 200m mark, pick up a dball and do a 100m ball run to the 400m mark, run backwards with the ball back to the 200m mark, drop the ball and repeat this 4 times. The score is your total time. 4 rounds 100m Sprint 100m backwards 100m Ball run 100m backwards ball run Mondays Workout: “Broom Stick Mile” but rather than using a broom stick we are going to use some bars still keeping it light with 65lbs for guys and 45lbs for girls. 25 back squats 25 front squats 25 overhead squats 400m Run 25 standing press 25 push press 25 push jerk 400m Run 50 squat cleans 400m Run 50 snatch 400m Run Tuesdays Workout:: 5 rounds Hill sprint 30 squats 20 dumbell thrusters (40lbs guys/25lbs girls) Walk your dumbbells up to the top of the hill and leave them on the grassy areas at the side of the hill then jog back down to the starting point which will be at the stop sign where cars enter our parkade. Time will start at the stop sign, you will sprint up the hill, do 30 air squats, then pick up the dumbbells and do 20 dumbbell thrusters. Put down the dumbbells, jog down the hill and repeat. Wednesdays Workout: Dynamic Cindy # rounds 12 minutes 5 clapping pushups 10 Jumping Lunges 5 Kipping pullups Thursdays Workout: Crossfit Total-Max Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Deadlift Fridays Workout: Hockey Night in Canada- 10 rounds, 30 sec wall ball/30 sec Dball/1 minute rest Saturdays Workout: Weighted Grover # of rounds in 20 minutes 5 ring pushups 10 Weighted lunges (guys use a 45lb bar, girls 35lbs) 5 OH abmat situps (guys use 25lb dumbbells, girls use 15lb) Sunday-Sack and I are in Reno at the nutrition cert the Sunday 12pm class is cancelled.