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“Bomb Squad” Brent

"last week we had our fitness training (Brent is an RCMP Officer and a Member of the Emergency Response (Swat) Team) , I was wearing my "Crossfit, it's not a cult I swear" shirt and this "Fitness Consultant" hired by the RCMP starting slaging me. He was saying 'oh yeah it is a cult, it is a's bullshit'. So after he is done with his rant I asked him if he had ever done Crossfit, what it was comprised of and if sprinting, gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting were fads? He had apparently read some article about Crossfit and that was it. I spoke up some more and told him "If you are going to stand here and slag something you should know something about it first". We proceeded to do the test. After smoking the entire field, I breezed by our "Fitness expert" stationed at the finish line and said..... "Geez I gues it doesn't work, it must be a fad". smile