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Box Squat Introduction

Third chance to make up "Fran" today. #6 in the Super Seven will start tomorrow. Thursday Night's focus has always been on the barbell so let's stick with the Big Man Night Theme. Warm-up and Technique: "The Box Squat" Dave (still pic below) is flexing off that box w shins past vertical image Coaches - take your athletes through this invaluable tool and teach everyone about the mechanics of sitting back and really developing a better glute-hamstring explosion out of the bottom. Flare those knees out - pause on box and w/ our strong tight arch - flex (your glute/hams) and drive that bar up like it's on rails!! Keep loading light. Here's a decent link of Dave Tate's Instructions. Also check out the CrossFit Journal (if your a member) for tons more on Dave Tate and the box squat. Workout Back Squat - no box - practicing the better principals just learned in the box squat session. Focus on posterior chain rather than relying on the quads today. (5, 5, 5, 5) - post your heaviest 5 Reps. TBear