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Burn off Sunday’s Carbo Load

2 Classes on Monday 9am and 5pm Partner Up and complete the following: 1 mile run (together) 100 Partner Med Ball Sit-ups 100 Close Grip Overhead Lunges (45lb Bar) 60 Double-Unders 60 Hang Squat Snatch (45lb Bar) 30 Handstand Push-ups (assisted if needed) 30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups Then Tuesday we introduce an exciting new challenge. image I've always been a bit of a conspiracy theory enthusiast and a sceptic when it comes to what we see, hear and read on the internet and TV. So with this new challenge I ask all of you not to take my word for it but research and evaluate the books, papers, and bibliographies for yourself. Always consider the source. When it comes to food and those delicious salty carbs everyone gets a little more defensive. I want to spread the truth and learn more along with all of you who take this challenge. My goal is to educate us to make wise food choices for better performance and health. I believe Gary Taubes kick started the next phase diet revolution in 2002 and got us looking back at low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets. If you haven't read the 2002 New York Times article here it is.What if it's all a Big Fat Lie?