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Burning Fat - Fast and Hard is Better Than Long Slow

I thought we should post this article by Tony Leyland again. In light of some of the results from the flab challenge (Full results will be posted on Friday) a few interesting questions have arisen? Who lost more fat? Who gained more muscle? Was it a pure function of diet or was there more going on here. Did lifting more heavy weights make a more profound impact than doing a ton of long burner workouts? Tbear and Chris(pie) have some very interesting results that may indicate a poor diet.....or are the longer less intense workouts responsible for a drop in muscle mass and a gain in % body fat? Does it even matter if performance is steadily increasing? What type of specialization is occuring here? I believe the data we are collecting (over the next few years) will give us an insight into body composition, diet and exercise that hasn't been done before. Have a look at Tony's article. It is a good starting point for conversation Fat_Burn_Vancouver_Dec07.doc