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Burpees, burpees, burpees!

All right there are a few announcements before getting to the workout. 1. CLASS IS CANCELLED THIS SUNDAY DEC. 21st - Machine is out of the country as of tomorrow, plus we are forecasted to get another 10 cm of snow on Sunday. So everyone enjoy Sunday, take a well deserved rest day. 2. THE WINNERS OF THE FLAB CHALLENGE. Pete was kind enough to forward the results of everyone's body scans to me. Congratulations to everyone on the effort put forth in this competition. Hopefully everyone saw positive results in both body composition and increased performance in the workouts. Now, the first category is largest percentage reduction of body fat percent. Sounds a bit confusing but it is pretty straightforward to calculate. [(initial body fat percentage - final body fat percentage)/initial body fat percentage] x 100. This method helps to even out the playing field for all athletes. Someone starting with a high body fat percentage could have a very large absolute drop, however they may not have a higher percentage reduction than someone who started with a lower body fat percentage and managed to lower it by a smaller drop. Anyways enough math. Our 3 winners are: 3rd place Mike Dahlman (aka Lumberjack) 16% to 12.5% a percentage reduction of 21.8% 2nd place Bryan Henry 12% to 9.16% a percentage reduction of 23.6% 1st place Sean Smailes 22% to 16.18% a percentage reduction of 26.4% Our second category is increased lean muscle mass. With a substantial increase of 3.2 kg, that's over 7 lbs of lean muscle the winner of this category is Peter Bell-Irving. Way to go!. Craig will have your winnings for you in the New Year, just make sure to remind him! 3. The Micronutrient War. I know you are all dying to find out the results between Team Machine and Team Shagger. We are just waiting to get a few last bits of data before completing the analysis. An initial review of the data suggests a tight race between the two teams. All right! Time for Saturday's workout. You all know how much I love burpees, so I decided to create a workout that is made up of nothing but burpees! "The Burpee Ladder" Every minute on the minute increase your number of burpees by 1. Minute 1 = 1 burpee Minute 2 = 2 burpees etc. Score is the highest number of burpees completed within the minute. Have fun! It could be worse I could make you do this workout instead.