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Business Opportunities for Affiliate Owners

If you're a CrossFitter, you're probably taking fish oil. And if you're a CrossFit coach, you're probably always getting new clients to start taking fish oil to help with inflammation and soreness. You're pumping the product as it is, so why aren't you benefitting from the sale? Now you can. At CrossFit Vancouver, we've been selling Epic Nutrients' fish oil for more than a year, and we can barely keep up with the demand. We average $3,000 in revenue each month in our fish oil sales alone. You, too, can set up a wholesale account with Epic Nutrients and increase your monthly revenue. Contact Epic Nutrients about setting up a wholesale account ( Chris Harrison, owner of CrossFit Lions in North Vancouver, has also had great success selling Epic Nutrients' Mighty Omega fish oil. Here's what he has to say.   For more testimonials, information about the Epic Nutrients' team, and information about Mighty Omega products and health benefits, check out the EPIC NUTRIENTS site. And visit the Epic Nutrients BLOG.