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Busy People vs Productive People

As a MadLab Coach I'm always juggling my schedule and those of my clients. 

One common phrase I always hear is "I'm so busy". Upon hearing this I often say to myself "Who isn't busy?".

I found this great video that describes how busy people differ from productive people.

Here are some of the highlighted points:

  • Busy people have many goals.  Productive people have priorities.
  • Busy people say yes to everything. Productive people say no or take time to consider and calculate before saying yes.
  • Busy people get things done just in time.  Productive people set unrealistic deadlines.

Please give the video a watch and consider the message. 

Do you ever notice yourself saying or thinking "I'm so busy?".  I've taken to replacing that phrase with "I looooove trifle!!".  I giggle then on I go with my day.  Find a phrase that works for you and give it a try!