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Nutts Cup 2017 Preview

I know some people are still on the fence about Nutts Cup, and it is only three days away!

I wanted to share some info about the events so that way some of the people who may be reluctant or nervous to throw their hat in the ring can see that this event is not designed to be scary or undoable. 

Event 1

Sled push + Sled Pull 

Event 2 

Wall Balls + Lunges + DB Snatch + Burpee Box Jumps

Event 3 

Rowing + Cleans + Rope Climbs 

There will a final event in which the top three teams will compete in. 

I wanted to share this as a coach at the gym and as an organizer of the event, as I know lots of people who I coach on a daily basis who are more than capable of getting their game on this weekend. We want this to be a fun day for everyone taking part whether you are a seasoned veteran or if this is your first time ever competing. 

If you are still looking for a team and want to compete, create a post in the Facebook Forum and put some feelers out there! 

Coach Tom