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Ever wonder why you like coming to CrossFit Vancouver? Ever wonder why you feel a special kinship with those that you workout with? CrossFit founder Greg Glassman tells us exactly why in this video. Yes. Agony and laughter. The cornerstones of camaraderie. You like coming here because you love a challenge. You know there is currency in trying really hard at something. And if you are going to suffer, you want someone else to do it with. Or maybe you come for a different reason? I know Rhea comes here because every time she shows up its "Hot Guy O'Clock". You funny Rhea. So I've got some efforts for you to pursue today. Tuesday's Workout: Warm Up: 1 Length Samson Stretch/1 Length Inch Worm x 2 Get it done fast You have the rest of the class to complete the following... The Dynamic Duo 8 Deadlifts (275/175 lbs) 200 m Run x 3 Recover as needed then... 30 Body Weight Back Squats 1000m Row Your score for the Leaderboard will be total time of the two workouts combined. Make sure your deadlift weight is appropriate for your capability. Do not surrender the strong back position for any reason. Your back squat weight should be so that you can finish the workout in under 8 minutes. If the classes are big then you can run sequential heats or half the class can do one workout while the second half does the other then flip. I want you to smash these workouts. I want you to attack the numbers. I want you to make the bars and rowers sing. One Love, Sheppy